Call for entries


The North-Hungarian Regional Film Foundation Miskolc is calling for entries to support the general production of film projects carried out in the region.

Aim of the call:

To support the general production of film projects (feature films, short films, animations, documentaries and commercials) carried out in the Region of North-Hungary.
The support includes the following services:

  • location hunting,
  • finding of providers and services needed for the particular project (accommodation, meals, professionals, local providers, etc.) and finding the best offers,
  • help in achieving the best business offers from companies and organizations within which the Municipal Government is a majority owner,
  • cooperation in the smooth and effective production of the project,
  • help in handling problems and situations arising during the production,
  • daily contact

Form of the support:

The Film Fund does not provide financial support. Support may only be asked for projects realized in the given year.


The Film Fund provides support for filmmakers who wish to realize their projects in the North Hungarian Region.

The applicant shall not receive support, if:

  • the region is pictured negatively in the film,
  • the application does not observe the call for entry,
  • the film qualifies as crime or qualifies as a call for crime;
  • the topic of the film violates basic human or constitutional rights; the topic of the film harms or violates the interest and integrity of the nation, any ethnic, language or other minority groups or the basic interest of the society. It means especially but not exclusively topics that violate the protection of the rights of children and families or are incompatible with the public order and public moral.

Additional terms:

Upon successful application the applicant agrees to mention the Film Fund as supporter in its media coverage.

How to submit the entry:

All entries shall be submitted by post as registered mail. We can only accept application with the entry form filled in and with the annexes attached. Please hand in a signed paper copy and also an electronic copy (on CD or DVD) of your application. Please mail your application to:

Észak-magyarországi Regionális Filmalap - Miskolc Alapítvány
3530 Miskolc, Városház tér 20.


  • script,
  • synopsis,
  • CVs of the filmmakers,
  • Director's conception,
  • Production schedule with a detailed description of the scenes to be shot in the region
  • Declaration and documentation on the amount of state support received for the preliminary work of for the production of the film,
  • Declaration and documentation on the co-producers,

Application deadline:

Continuous until 1st of December, 2010.


The Board of Trustees makes its decisions within 30 days upon receiving an application. The succesful applicants will sign an agreement with the Film Found in which all the terms and conditions are laid down.

Notification of applicants:

After the Board of Trustees made its decision the applicant is notified within 15 days by the North Hungarian Regional Film Foundation - Miskolc.

For further information please contact:

Észak-magyarországi Regionális Filmalap - Miskolc Alapítvány

Phone: 20/928-2951