Miskolc Film Fund

The aim of the North-Hungarian Regional Film Foundation - Miskolc - in short Miskolc Film Fund - is to establish the basis of one of the most dynamic industries of the world: the film- video and media industry in Miskolc. In Hungary this industry is absolutely Budapest-centered and the decentarilzation is much needed.

The European regional tendering makes it possible, even more it actuates the cooperation of the regional film founds in order to decentralize the system and provide cheaper and more competitive film making opportunities. To establish the background for such aims the film founds have the possibility to set up educational and training courses for the younger generation of professionals.

In order to coordinate the above mentioned tasks, to survey the existing and prospective potentials and to coordinate them it was a necessity, we may say of public interest, to establish a regional film found. During the preliminary survey several European film founds have indicated their wish to establish partnership. The Miskolc Film Foundation wish to facilitate national and international film investments in the North-Hungarian region. It can create new workplaces, generate more income, may serve as a tool of city-marketing and shall mean the development of tourism.

The Miskolc Film Fund operates as an endowment. It has been endowed by the Miskolc Holding Zrt. The professional management of the Found is in the hands of the professionals working at the CineFest and the Cine-Mis Nonpropfit Ltd.

The aim of the Miskolc Film Fund is to make the film projects and professionals of the region more attractive and transparent:

  • To establish, foster and coordinate film making in the region;
  • To foster and coordinate the education of visual culture;
  • To establish and operate a regional film archive,
  • To organize and support regional conferences, events and festivals.

Goals already achieved:

During the last year, the representatives of the CineFest have started the negotiations with the leaders of the Miskolc Holding Zrt and with the representatives of the film industry. The aim for such negotiations was to agree on the best and the most cost-effective construction that has the potential to become self-supporting within a few years. As an achievement the Miskolc Film Fund was able to bring the whole shooting of a long feature film to Miskolc. The director of the film is Zsombor Dyga.

During the last weeks we started to negotiate with the representatives of four other film-projects, which productions or part of the productions may also be brought to Miskolc.